Common Housing Terms
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A flat horizontal member of a cornice placed in a vertical position.

Fill-Type Insulation
Loose insulating material which is applied by hand or blown into wall spaces mechanically.

Noncorrosive metal used around angles or junctions in roofs and exterior walls to prevent leaks.

Floor Joists
Framing pieces which rest on outer foundation walls and interior beams or girders.

A passageway in a chimney for conveying smoke, gases or fumes to the outside air.

Concrete base on which a foundation sits.

Lower parts of walls on which the structure is built. Foundation walls of masonry or concrete are mainly below ground level.

The rough lumber of a house-joists, studs, rafters, and beams.

Thin wood, or metal applied to a wall to level the surface for lathing, boarding, or plastering, to create an insulating air space, and to damp proof the wall.

A short plug in an electric panel box which opens (breaks) an electrical circuit when it becomes overloaded.