Common Housing Terms
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The triangular part of a wall under the inverted "v" of the roof line.

Gambrel Roof
A roof with two pitches, designed to provide more space on upper floors. The roof is steeper on its lower slope and flatter toward the ridge.

A main member in a framed floor supporting the joists which carry the flooring boards. It carries the weight of a floor or partition.

Fitting glass into windows or doors.

Grade Line
The point at which the ground rests against the foundation wall.

Green Lumber
Lumber which has been inadequately dried and which tends to warp or "bleed" resin.

Pieces of wood embedded in plaster of walls to which skirtings are attached. Also wood pieces used to stop the plaster work around doors and windows.

A brace or bracket used to strengthen a structure.

A channel at the eaves for conveying away rain water.