Common Housing Terms
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Lag-Screws or Coach-Screws
Large, heavy screws, used where great strength is required, as in heavy framing or when attaching ironwork to wood.

Lally Column
A steel tube sometimes filled with concrete, used to support girders or other floor beams.

One of a number of thin narrow strips of wood nailed to rafters, ceiling joists, wall studs, etc. to make a groundwork or key for slates, tiles, or plastering.

Leaching Bed
Tiles in the trenches carrying treated wastes from septic tanks.

A piece of wood which is attached to a beam to support joists.

The top piece over a door or window which supports walls above the opening.

Load-Bearing Wall
A strong wall capable of supporting weight.

An opening with horizontal slats to permit passage of air, but excluding rain, sunlight and view.