Common Housing Terms
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A rough coat of mortar applied over a masonry wall as protection or finish; may also serve as a base for an asphaltic waterproofing compound below grade.

A projection or the foundation wall used to support a floor girder or stiffen the wall.

The angle of slope of a roof.

Plasterboard (See Dry Wall)
Gypsum board, used instead of plaster.

Pieces of wood placed on wall surfaces as fastening devices. The bottom member of the wall is the sole plate and the top member is the rafter plate.

A chamber which can serve as a distribution area for heating or cooling systems, generally between a false ceiling and the actual ceiling.

Treatment of joints in masonry by filling with mortar to improve appearance or protect against weather.

Post-And-Beam Construction
Wall construction in which beams are supported by heavy posts rather than many smaller studs.

Construction of components such as walls, trusses, or doors, before delivery to the building site.